Why we need a Wallet which is more than a Wallet

Not only to receive, send, and hold tokens— but to be socially interactive, as well

In a trustless environment, the cost of moving and shuffling capital has markedly decreased, which means that more people could gain access to it. Moreover, with more clean access, ideas and projects that didn’t use to qualify due to their small size — are more lucrative and more realizable.

Superhero is, precisely because of all this, the perfect platform for people seeking micro funding, content sharing & earning opportunities, and the strong infrastructure for launching their own decentralised app. Peers on the Superhero.com are able to be more private, or more public, to reward content creators directly (without any huge 3rd party cuts or large fees), to start a community vote on any kind of topic and hear the community opinion, to meet or talk, or ask for help….well, we, users, can do whatever we want, right?

But, let me go one step back.

To participate in the Superhero open-source decentralized social application platform — you need a Wallet. Of course. How else can you receive the tip (reward) or post and comment (those are blockchain transactions!). Again — you need a Wallet.

And that wallet is the Superhero Wallet.

Driven by the mighty public open-source æternity blockchain, Superhero rehabilitates the value transfer. The Superhero Wallet allows storage and withdrawal of AE tokens, receiving & sending tips them to valuable creators, micro-crowdfunding and participation in the community voting process to have your voice heard and counted.

This is THE ONLY WALLET where you can (beside ordinary activities: send, receive, hold, etc) participate in the social aspect of the æternity blockchain. And that social aspect empowers you to micro-crowdfund, post and tip. That SOCIAL ASPECT is what every modern person needs because,why shouldn’t you have an overview of all of your blockchain transactions from your phone?

This week Superhero Wallet released a new version 0.7.1 with some small tweaks and much better UX. Many options are one screen only, so you do not need to spend time shifting from one tab to another. If you never used the Superhero Wallet before, here’s a short ‘How-to’ including Release v0.7.1 run through:

LINKS: Browser Wallet | Chrome Wallet browser extension | Firefox Wallet browser extension | Brave Wallet browser extension | Wallet Android App | Wallet IOS App 📱💻

Ownership and control of data are completely decentralized — there are no single entities, companies, or centralized decision makers calling the shots and making a buck off you. There are no sudden demonetizations, censorships, and bans in lieu of poorly-worded or absent explanations. All of the power is in the hands of the people — the true superheroes.

DYI home recordings are always challenging, but I hope you guys enjoyed! I just tried to give a glance into the latest changes of the Superhero Wallet — for more details feel free to reach out to me on Telegram and Linkedin.

Follow the updates: https://superhero.com/league
And daily-news: FightBack.chain






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